Ever wondered why your baby is crying?

Hablo detects when your baby is crying and provides you with answers to assist you in making parenting anxiety-free and funnier.

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AI Powered Gadget

Our technology provides you with highly accurate analysis of your baby's wellbeing, detecting hunger, lack of sleep and state of hygiene.

Real-Time Proactivity

Get notified in real-time via our mobile App and gain the advantage of awarness and proactivity when it comes to proper parenting.

Digital Health Record

Keep your baby's medical record within reach. Access your dashboard and follow up on vaccins and doctors' schedules, get guidance and customized tips based on your baby's data.

AI Powered

A connected device that reads your baby

Based on more than 35 published scientific research and built by using tested child-safe materials to ensure compliance with consumer product standards. Place the Hablo device safely inside your baby's room and let the magic happens.


Web & Mobile Ready

Baby monitor App

Get Real-Time notification about your baby's needs via the App. We provide advices and recommendations for parents regarding nutrition, how to make the bottle, how to change the diapers etc.



Simple, Safe, Parent-Friendly

Hablo is a device placed near babies that detects crying, it’s connected to a mobile application that analysis, decrypts babies'cries and informs parents of the reason behind the cry : Pain, Sleep, Discomfort or Hunger.

Configure your device.

Place your Hablo device inside your baby's room, or near the crib and connect it to a WIFI network using the Hablo Desktop configuration Application.

Download the Mobile App

Download the Hablo mobile App to create a parent account and to activate it through a QR code validation.

Ready to use

Once the device is online, whenever your baby cries, you will get notified via the mobile App. You can also benefit from our Parenting assistance features such us tips, recommendations and vaccines reminders.

Create your Baby's digital record.

Your account provides access to a free Web Dashboard that allows you to follow-up on your baby's condition : Sleep & Cries Statistics, Nutrition, Pediatric recommendations, Vaccines directory and reminders.


What our clients say about Hablo

Crying is the only mean of communication for babies. Babies try to voice their needs to their parents through crying, it's their only mean of communication. Parents who used Hablo had a frustration-free connection with their new borns, allowing them to undergo a seamless parenting experience.


“Giving birth to my daughter was a lifetime experience, with Hablo I endured less stress and more confidence regarding my abilities as a mom to properly take caree of my baby.”

“I started using Hablo after my second child was born. The experience was much funnier and less of a hurdle compared to the confusion I sometimes had to experience trying to figure out what my first baby needed.”

“Assisting parents in taking care of their babies can be challenging. With Hablo, that challenge faded away.”

“Simple, Fun & Straightforward. I expected endless nights of no sleep, stress and panic. With Hablo that was quiet the contrary.”

Ambient Night Lights

Night Lights ceiling projection for a friendlier room environement

Connected Inner Device

Allowing for a safe connection with your mobile App.

Cries Detector

High-Sensivity Microphone that captures surrounding sounds and extracts your baby's crying.

Relaxing Sleep Sounds

Accompanying your baby sleep with warm lullabies.

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